Saturday, 28 July 2012


Since getting my SuperFly ten days ago, I've now had a chance to fly her twice, so here a first impression. Keep in mind that my trick portfolio is still rather basic, and that, obviously, it's my personal impression which may not match yours.

First time was in winds of 3-5mph, and it was really struggling to remain airborne. Fair enough, it's not an UL after all. Second time the wind was 6-12 mph, and that meant I could really start to get a feel for the kite.

So what does that feel amount to? Kite feels very direct, quick to respond to input. Slightest touch of oversteer. I could very easily go through the tricks I do have under my belt at the moment. Axels are easy, turtles deep, cascades no problem, half-axels steady and reliable. And then the fun started .... It has been said by a few early reviewers that the kites gives tricks away. It does, it really does! I've never been able to do a multiple lazy susan reliably, and was now doing them one after the other. Clearly, the kite was ignoring my current trick repertoire: it went into a yo-yo easily and I can't do yo-yos! Get the picture? This kite is going to be a tremendous amount of fun!

So was it worth the wait? For me, absolutely. Nuff said.

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