Monday 4 February 2019

Double Greens Diamond!

I've gotten a bit of a reputation for being interested in 'old' dual-line kites. Completely independent of each other, and on separate occasions, I was given two Greens Diamond kites. Now if you know us, you will know that Flying Fish will always try and fly (nearly) identical kites together. No reason to change that now!

Greens Kites Diamonds aren't the easiest diamond kites to fly. They're quite twitchy to start with, and really need decent and constant sail pressure to prevent them becoming almost unsteerable. And if the wind drops, they have a tendency to lie flat and then fly towards you (so it's not just a Stranger Level 7 doing that!).

So flying a pair of them, in rather variable wind, wasn't the easiest thing to pull off. Both came without a tail, and adding that will no doubt stabilise them a bit more.

Unless there is a specific reason, we're unlikely to bring them to kite festivals and fly a routine with them ...