Sunday, 5 August 2012

Ruthless Queen v2 & Jaws

Following our flying at Southampton and Brighton, we got what more or less amounts to invitations to fly at both the Basingstoke Kite Festival and the Brighton Kite Festival in 2013. Clearly, with that in mind, we want to be able to offer something new in addition to our current routine. We've got lots of ideas for new routines, but to avoid us working on half a dozen routines over the winter, and not finishing a single one of them before the start of the new festival season, we decided that, for Flying Fish, we will focus on two routines (L-katz is a separate story; I'll talk about the L-katz plans in a future blog post).

At our Festival début, we got really good comments from the likes of Keith Griffiths and Fran Burstall. They liked the level of synchronicity, especially the circles, but felt we should try and put more elements in the routine where the kites are doing something different, for instance mirroring each other, and so avoid the majority of the routine showing kites flying in synchrony, doing the same thing. That's good and constructive criticism, and we can definitely do something with that. No, we will definitely do something with that!

So the first thing we're going to do is take our "Ruthless Queen" routine, and work on a second version of that, especially introducing a few more elements where the kites are doing something different. We have some ideas already as to what to change, what to introduce, and what to leave out, and we will need time on the field to see what works and what doesn't.

The second routine we're going to work on is one especially for our Fish & Shark kites. The plan is to write a routine to the theme music of the movie "Jaws", and to have a bit of a story line in that routine. This is something we've wanted to do for quite a while! Actually, we already made a bit of a start on this before we started on the "Ruthless Queen" routine, but shelved it to focus entirely on that routine. Reason was that that routine can be flown with any kites, whereas a "Jaws" routine is essentially specific to one pair of kites (of course, it can be flown with any kite, but without the Fish & Shark there is less of a 'story'). And if you've forgotten what the "Jaws" theme music sounds like, here's a reminder:

As to whether we will be successful in the Shark chasing the Fish to music, and whether the Fish will avoid being eaten by the Shark, you'll have to come see for yourself in due course!

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