Thursday, 5 July 2012

Leominster/Hereford Kite Festival cancelled :(

Sadly, the Leominster/Hereford Kite Festival, where Flying Fish was asked to fly, has had to be cancelled. The grounds are not suitable for a kite festival as a result of the recent rains .....

Obviously, we're disappointed as we were really looking forward to flying there, possibly joining in another mega-fly, and in whatever else we could participate in.


  1. Oh no! Do you think they will reschedule for later in the year? (Stupid rain.)

  2. They're looking at options, so who knows ... Part of the Festival was the last round of the UK Championships, organised by STACK, and they are definitely looking at another date and/or venue at the moment. We were asked by several STACK people to fly, so we might be asked again if STACK manages to reschedule, even if the Festival itself doesn't happen this year.

    So all up in the air (together with the kites) at the moment; watch this space!