Monday 12 October 2015

Flying Fish banners

Loyal readers of this blog, and those people who have seen us fly at festivals and competitions will know that we have a pole with five 'fish windsocks' as our 'official' event banner, flying next to our tent.

Fish flying, flying fish, seems pretty obvious, right? But you only know it's a banner for Flying Fish if you actually know us as Flying Fish ..

With that in mind, we decided to get ourselves another banner, one which makes it more obvious that we're Flying Fish. And the to-go-to people for that job are of course Roy and Hayley at Kites Up, who also made the team banner for L-katz

In trying to come up with a design that we really liked and wanted to fly, we went through a whole series of options, playing with colours, fonts, and other elements. At some point, we couldn't see the wood for the trees anymore, and I put some designs on Facebook to gauge people's reactions. That really helped, and I got some good suggestions to consider. In the end, we went for a design which incorporated the Flying Fish logo, the blue and red from the logo fading from the top and bottom, and a pair of Airdynamics T5 Taipan kites symbolising our main competition set.

So here they are, flying in the sun on their swivel stakes! 

Yes, 'they' ... we decided in the end to get a pair of them, to be erected on both sides of our tent, and printed such that you can always read the 'Flying Fish' on one banner, no matter where you or the wind is coming from.

They look great, we think, and we really look forward to flying them wherever we perform in public. Thanks to Roy and Hayley for a job really well done!

By the way, we're not ditching the 'fish windsocks'; they will remain flying at our tent as well.