Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Even though this blog is focused on Flying Fish, and pair/team-flying, I do reserve the right to blog about other kites and other aspects of kiting (sue me!). And one of these 'other kites' is the SuperFly, designed and built by multiple UK, European and World Champion, Chris Goff. The SuperFly was made available to order on 11/11/11, and I got mine today. Yes, it took a while, much longer than expected, mostly because Chris had thoroughly underestimated the interest in the kite, and the whole logistics of setting up a kite-making business while at the same time attending university. At several kite festivals this spring, Chris offered me one of the SuperFlys (SuperFlies?) he had brought to try out, but I kept saying 'no', because I wanted my first flight of a SuperFly to be my own! So here's my very own SuperFly, signed by Chris, and in all her glorious pinkness! And before you ask, flo pink is a custom colour, but one which may become stock in the not-too-distant future (I wanted something different, and Chris really seemed to like the pink).

Judging from a first glance-over, the sewing looks fine; I couldn't find any fault. I can't wait to fly 'Her Pinkness', and will post again once I've had her on the lines for a bit.

On a tangent, in real life I'm a biologist at Southampton University, doing research on fruit flies, and specifically how they evolve resistance to parasites and pathogens. So, essentially, my research involves the evolution of super-flies! All the more fitting that I added a SuperFly to my quiver, don't you think?

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