Monday 16 October 2017

EuroCup 2017

The European Championships took place in Dunkerque this past weekend (Oct 13-15, to be precise). Competition format was 'mixed', i.e. figures and ballet; no technical routine. The usual six disciplines: dual-line individual, pair and team; and multi-line individual, pair and team.

And here are the final results!!

UK participation was limited to Josh Mitcheson, in dual-line and multi-line individual, and together with Tom Greenfield as Amalgamation in multi-line pair. So no Flame ... 

Well done to especially Amalgamation for a very respectable set of scores. And congratulations to Stephen Versteegh for picking up a Dutch gold medal in multi-line individual. Standard must have been very high, with Josh finishing 7th with an overall score of well in the 60s. 

No surprises in dual-line pair and team, with Courant d'Air and Start Air, respectively, picking up the gold medals and retaining their European titles.

Dual-line pair brings me to Flying Fish .... we were given the opportunity by STACK to compete in EuroCup 17. The reason why we didn't participate was two-fold. First of all, as the competition took place during term time, and partly during the week, it simply wasn't possible for me to take time off work. Secondly, we don't feel we're ready yet for international competition. Of course, we'd have nothing to lose, and it would have given us extra competition experience, but at the same time, we don't want to make fools of ourselves. This year's national championships showed we still have a lot to learn! 

But maybe in two years time ...