Monday, 8 May 2017

A recent pair of pairs

Regular followers of this blog will know that we always try to post on newly-acquired paired kites. Now if you've recently checked my sister blog on our collection of Peter Powell kites, you may have noticed that we acquired two pairs of Peter Powells in the last month or so. The second of these pairs consists of two bicolour ripstop Mk IIs, one teal/pink, one green/pink, and both fitted with modern pink tails:

They look and fly pretty well together!

A wee while prior to this pair, we got our hands on a pair of Caribbean Kite Company Caymans. As I have argued before, these kites may not technically be Peter Powells, but they surely contain ample Peter Powell DNA!

Somewhat lighter than standard Peter Powells, they performed well together in relatively light winds.

Our collection of paired kites is certainly and steadily expanding ... watch this space!

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