Sunday, 7 October 2012

L-katz: 3-, 4-, and 5-strong

I've already talked about the plans that Flying Fish has for next year, so what about L-katz? First of all, we are going to work on our 4-strong routine. Some things work really well, others less so, and that means we want to improve the routine by changing a small number of patterns. And even though we feel that flying the routine is slowly becoming 'routine', it most surely needs improvements in timing, synchronicity, etc.

Second plan involves Roger, Tony and Neil. Before Irma and I were asked to join L-katz, they had started work on a 3-man routine. That routine was more or less shelved as we focused on flying with a larger team, but the upcoming autumn and winter is a good opportunity to dust that one off again, and take it further.

And then, we are also keen to try and put a routine with the entire team together. I think everyone is happy for me to take the lead again in creating the choreography and picking the music. What I want to try and do as much as possible is not use patterns we're already using for the 4-strong routine. I'm working on some ideas, and we have already been playing with a specific launch that gets us straight into the first pattern. Music? Yes, of course! Again, I've got a few candidates, but I'm not telling yet! Let's first see how things develop with this 5-strong routine.

Plans for L-katz are definitely ambitious, and much will depend on how much practice we can get in between now and the start of the new festival season. And that, of course, depends on wind and weather ... We'll see how far we get. First priority is the 4-strong routine, that's clear. The other two will simply develop at their own pace. If that gets them ready for when we next fly at a kite festival, great. But if not, nothing lost, as we definitely have the 4-strong routine, so flying with the team we can!

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