Thursday, 2 January 2020

Double Bullet!

In the early days of our kite-flying, when we were exploring what types of kites and what kinds of kite-flying we liked, we got ourselves a Flexfoil Bullet 2.5. Flew it a few times, and it sure gave us a good upper body workout.

As we gravitated more and more towards dual-line kites and pair/team-flying, the Bullet didn't come out to play ... That is, until I saw another one listed on eBay recently, as-new, and for a very reasonable price. Having two Bullets would allow us to do something different when pair-flying ...

So after the second, green, Bullet was put through its paces on its own, it was time to try out flying a pair of them.

Flying a Bullet and taking pictures at the same time proved almost impossible, but, fortunately, a fellow kite-flyer just happened to be close to where we were flying, and took a few pictures (thanks, Andy!).

Turned out that the two Bullets didn't fly exactly the same (the purple one is a tad faster). I did manage to get a bit of video footage, using a head-mounted phone camera; here it is, warts and all.

With a bit more practice, we can surely see ourselves flying a pair of Bullets at a festival.

Picture credit of us flying the Bullets: Andy Taylor

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