Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Double Symphony!

If you have been following us, whether at festivals or via our blog or Facebook page, you may know that we're always on the lookout for kites we can fly as a pair which are a bit 'different'. Also, we're keen to find kites which show the public that you don't necessarily need £200+ kites to have fun pair- or team-flying. With the latter objective in mind, last year we got ourselves a second HQ Yukon, so we have a pair of very basic dual-line deltas to fly.

Another type of basic dual-line kite is of course a sparless foil, and this type of kite we often see flown by members of the public at our regular practice fields and at festivals.

So .....

..... we got ourselves a pair of HQ Symphony Pro 1.8 kites, one Neon, one Edge!

First outing with them showed that they don't need much wind to fly, they are easy to steer and track pretty well, and they hardly deflate. Exactly what we need!

Of course, pair-flying them was the main objective. We tried them on the provided 25m lines, which felt a bit short. We tried them on our standard 40m lines, which felt a bit long. Turned out that 25m lines with 5m leaders works a treat.

Especially when the wind picks up, their speed increases and this allows a sweeping routine, with fast circles, loops, ladders, wraps. They really add something to what we can do at festivals. As to music to fly them to, I've got something in mind, but you need to come to a festival to find out (tease, tease ...)

By the way, we didn't get two .... we got six, allowing us to fly them in a larger team; I think six of these kites flying sweeping patterns will look quite spectacular!

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