Friday, 1 September 2017


You may have seen the announcement on Facebook already, but if not, I've decided to create a simple web-site for Flying Fish. Not to replace this blog or our Facebook page, but to serve as a portal for access to both, and as a platform for more static information which tends to get lost in more dynamic platforms such as a blog or Facebook page.

As I have zilch expertise in creating web-sites, I followed the example of our friends from Team Spectrum and created a basic free web-site through weebly.

For some reason, blogger doesn't allow me to create a clickable picture, but you can see the new Flying Fish web-site here. It currently has basic information on us, including pictures from most of the festivals we flew at over the years and an overview of the kites we've flown at events. There's a bit about our competition flying and us flying as part of larger teams. It has an overview of our 2017 events, with links to blog posts, and of confirmed 2018 events. And it has a few videos. No doubt more will be added over time, and the current content and layout will be tweaked as I get a better feel for what is and isn't possible with free weebly web-sites.

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