Wednesday, 7 May 2014

More fishy windsocks

As you may know, Flying Fish's 'banner' at festivals is a pole with fish-shaped windsocks. Up to recently, we had three fish flying from our pole. A few weeks ago, I managed to get my hands on a windsock in the shape of a yellow angelfish (made by Skydog Kites; I got mine via Kiteworld). And at the Weymouth Kite Festival last weekend, this new addition to our 'banner' got to fly for the first time:

Now the sleeve around the pole does have two more attachment points, and on Monday, I did see a windsock in the shape of a clownfish flying from one of the kite stands on the Esplanade ... To make an already short story even shorter, we now have five fishy windsocks:

One more to come?

By the way, photos of the festival are here, and I'll write a blog post about our personal experiences soon. Watch this space!

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