Monday, 21 April 2014

A full set of T5 kites - part 5

After having flown our T5 Taipan V1 and V2 kites, the only pair in the full set we hadn't flown yet were the T5 Cubans. Of course, for that we needed a day with (virtually) no wind, and today was that perfect day.

Wind at Stokes Bay was mostly 0mph, with occasional gusts up to 1-2mph. We flew them on 40m, 25kg lines, and without leaders.

These kites are SWEET to fly! Slow, of course, but very responsive, and even at 0mph, we could keep flying infinities and wraps, as long as we kept walking back and forth. And the kites show no hint of flaring when walking forwards.

Peter, big 'thumbs up'!

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