Saturday, 10 November 2012

Hawaiians again

A few weekends ago, both Tony and Neil couldn't fly for various reasons, so L-katz was down to just Roger, Irma and myself. We don't have a specific routine to practice in this combination, so we decided to do some off-the-cuff flying. Possibly inspired by our flying of one of our Hawaiians together with the 'Babywaiian', we got our three full-size Hawaiians out.

The wind was mostly 10-15 mph, so perfect for flying these classical team kites. Bit of bridle-tweaking to make sure all three flew the same, and we were off! They really looked good together and we went through the range of different patterns in our repertoire, in a more or less random way, and adapting them to three kites as we flew along.

We enjoyed flying these classics so much that we started wondering ..... We've got enough proper routines to work on at the moment, but why not simply fly these to music, without a specific choreography, but with me simply calling out moves and patterns as I see fit? Make it up as I go along? It would add another option to what we can do at festivals, and wouldn't need learning any additional routines.

That decided, we needed some music that has the same feel, speed, and tempo as the Hawaiians. They'll be flying reasonably fast, not slow and flowy, so the music has to capture that ... Didn't take me long to find a promising candidate, and both Irma and Roger heartily agreed:

Now I said in my previous post on Hawaiians that we were definitely not considering flying the 'Babywaiian' as part of a display .... hmmm, maybe we'll change our minds on that, and work the 'Baby' into it in some way ...

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