Sunday, 4 November 2012

Double Cosmic!

A few months ago, I posted about our aims of getting a limited number of pairs of kites that combined precise tracking with trickability, with the ultimate goal of writing a pairs routine that also involved some slack-line tricks. The first of these was a pair of Fury 0.85 kites and I can now introduce the second of these pairs!

Meet our two Kitehouse Cosmic TC UL kites! We already had one (the 'chocolate' one), bought second-hand from someone at the Drachenforum. Great kite to fly, very precise as well as being able to perform any trick you throw at it (or at the very least any trick I can throw at it!). Cosmics are not exactly cheap kites, but I was lucky in getting a bit of money without having to do anything for it, and so used that opportunity to order a second one via the Fractured Axel shop. There was a bit of going back and forth with Kitehouse on the colours, as we wanted the second one to match the first one in terms of colour patterns, but at the same time be different from it. Turned out we mostly wanted colours they either didn't have or didn't have enough of, but we finally settled on a mostly 'gold' sail, with 'chocolate' bands. We flew the two together for the first time yesterday, and I must say the two really look good together in the sky! Absolute pleasure to fly and they seemed to like each other; Irma referred to them as our two Labradors, as they also come in gold and chocolate (and black, but we're not going to get a third one).

So, we now have a pair Cosmics for low wind, and a pair of Fury 0.85s for when the wind really picks up. One more pair to add, to fit between these two. I know which of our current trick kites I want to double up .... watch this space!

Picture credit: Roger

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