Monday, 17 September 2012

STACK 2012 results

As you all probably know, STACK organises the UK championships, and the results of the 2012 season have just been published on their Facebook page (their regular web-site is still down at the time of writing, alas).

So, without further ado, presenting the 2012 UK champions dual-line team-flying ... drum roll ... Team Flame! Congratulations, guys!

Runners-up: Airheads! Judging by the overall scores, it was a pretty close race.

In the dual-line pairs category, first prize was snatched up by Phoenix, which consists of Fran Burstall and Tony Shiggins, both members of the winning Team Flame (second bout of congratulations coming your way!). Ex-Grads, consisting of Keith and Vee Griffiths, both members of Airheads, came second.

And although this blog is focused on pair/team-flying, I don't want to leave out the results of the individual dual-line category. UK champion is Tony Shiggins (congratulations x 3!), beating Keith Griffiths into second place.

So a full sweep of three gold medals for Tony, with three silvers for Keith. Full results on STACK's Facebook page.

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