Friday, 21 September 2012

Some practice vids

Over the last couple of months, Flying FishL-katz and Wings on Strings have been video-ed several times while they were practicing their respective routines, so I thought it might be nice to put some of these together in a blog post. The videos are largely unedited (with one exception, where two shorter ones are merged into one), and are not set to music. Here goes!

First video is of Flying Fish, flying North Shore Konas at Stokes Bay. The video shows roughly the first half of the routine.

Then another video of Flying Fish, flying Hawaiians at Stoney Cross. The wind was pretty strong that day. Just before the video was made, Irma couldn't keep her footing in a gust of wind, and was pulled forwards into my lines (so that my lines almost cut her ear off). She then had to let go of the Sky Claws leading to her lines getting entangled with mine and her kite ending up just behind (phjew) a rather prickly gorse bush. Challenging conditions, to say the least! The video first shows some warm-up patterns (giving Irma the chance to settle back in again), with the actual routine starting around the 4:25 mark. Almost the entire routine is shown, except for the final pattern and landing.

Third up is a video of Wings on Strings, flying North Shore Konas at Stokes Bay. Pretty much the entire routine is covered.

Next a video of L-katz, flying North Shore Konas at Stokes Bay. The video captures about the first half of the routine.

And finally, another video of L-katz at Stokes Bay, flying North Shore Radicals. This time, the entire routine is shown.

Yes, it all needs tightening up! But that's exactly why we practice, of course. And we'll continue practicing through the winter, wind and weather allowing, in preparation for the 2013 kite festival season.

Video credit for the first and last video: Roger; for the other three videos: Tim Rohn

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