Saturday 9 September 2023

Double Hellcats!

Hellcat kites were made by Peter Hall in the 1990s. This particular one is an ultralight which used to belong to a dear friend of ours. After he passed away something like two years ago, his entire kite quiver came to us ... Our friend used 'Hellcat' as his name on kite fora, so whenever we fly this kite, we are reminded of him. 

The kite has a wing span of around 1.70 meter, and is a really nice kite to fly in very low winds. 

Hellcats aren't exactly common kites, so when the opportunity of getting my hands on another ultralight Hellcat presented itself, I didn't hesitate for very long ... especially as it was orange/blue, so matched the orange/black one we had pretty well. 

Here are the two Hellcats side by side at home just after the 'blue' Hellcat arrived. 

So now it was waiting for a day with very little wind, which came soon enough.

Ultralight Hellcats really don't need much wind to fly; 2-3mph and they're quite happy. As you might expect from such a small kite, they're quite twitchy.

Time to fly the two Hellcats together!

Clearly, they're not team kites (they're not designed to be), but it was nice to fly them together, and be reminded of our friend like that. 

Some of his ashes were scattered around the bench we normally use as our base on our regular flying field, so it felt only appropriate to take a picture of the two Hellcats there. 

Rog, you'll never be forgotten.

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