Sunday, 6 September 2015

EuroCup 2015

The 2015 European Sport Kite Championships took place on September 4-6 in Dunkerque. Unfortunately, because of work commitments, we couldn't go there and support our fellow flyers and teams. Hope we can make it to the next EuroCup (and maybe even compete one day??).

In the meantime, how did the UK competitors do?

First dual-line pair, 'our' category, Phoenix secured bronze, behind Courant d'Air (gold) and In et Out (silver). Courant d'Air retained their 2013 title.

In dual-line team, Flame took the bronze medal, silver went to Cerfs-Volants Folie, whereas the gold went to Start'Air (who retained their 2013 title).

The quad-line pair category saw Tall and Small end fifth. The winner was Now'Air, silver went to Gli Stuzzucaventi, and bronze to Kangaroo Tango Copter.

In the quad-line team competition, there were no UK competitors, Now'Air took the title, with the silver going to SBananator. As there were only two entries, there was no bronze medal.

In dual line individual, Bryan Beasley came sixth. The competition was won by Matthieu Mayet, with Stephen Versteegh taking the silver, and Julien Lahyani the bronze.

Finally, Josh Mitcheson ended in fifth place in quad-line individual. Guido Maiocchi took the gold (retaining his 2013 title), silver was for Stephen Versteegh, and bronze for Loris Gerbino.

So France did really well overall, taking gold in five of the six categories, and snatching 9 of the 17 medals. Italy took one gold, and four medals overall, the Netherlands and the UK shared the remaining four medals between them.

Keep an eye on the EuroCup's Facebook page; full results and videos of some or all of the ballets will hopefully be posted soon.

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