Sunday, 11 August 2013

Wings on Strings: new line-up!

In an earlier blog post, I hinted at a change for Wings on Strings, and that change involves going back to a 3-man line-up. I say 'back', because Tony, Neil and Roger flew together as a 3-some before we joined L-katz. So here's the new line-up of Wings on Strings: Tony in #1 position, Neil in #2, and Roger in #3.

Plan for Wings on Strings is to familiarise themselves again with the 3-man routine they used to work on a few years ago, and take things from there, adapting and tweaking as they see fit. One of their first patterns was a pick-up going into a pyramid which then flew diamonds while maintaining pyramid formation:

They're still discussing whether Tony or Neil will do the calling, and haven't yet decided on the music they want to use. I look forward to seeing their routine take shape over the coming weeks and months. Hopefully coming to a festival near you in 2014!

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