Saturday, 10 August 2013

Double Tramontana!

I've always liked the look of the Tramontana for its bold, unique and instantly recognisable sail layout. Recently, HQ reintroduced the Tramontana, as part of their 'retro' series of kites, and for quite a while, I've been uhm-ing and ah-ing as to whether to whether to get a pair to fly together.

Well, the uhm-ing and ah-ing has come to an end ... and here's our pair of Retro Tramontanas!

Now you may be aware that we like to have our pair kites at least slightly different in colour. That wasn't possible with the 'Tramys' as they only come with red wing tips (unlike the older Tramontanas, which came with a variety of wing tip colours). The solution for that was to get differently coloured tails! Premier transition tails, black/white/red for one, red/white/blue for the other. We got one 50' tail and two 25' tails per kite, and the tails can be hooked up to each other, so we can fly with 25' - 100' tails, depending on the wind. Or even with three tails per kite, 50' on the spine and 25' on both the wing tips. Kites and tails came from kiteworld, by the way.

The tails look really great on these kites, and we've basically decided to fly these kites primarily with tails. Perfect for a smooth flowing routine, choreographed especially for kites with tails. One day I'll actually write it (promise ...).

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