Saturday, 6 July 2013

Matching sunglasses

The sunglasses I use for flying reached the end of their lives last week. The frame had already been broken and glued back together again several times, but it started to come apart again. So time to look for a replacement!

Surfing the web, I stumbled across vented sunglasses. Vented sunglasses?? Yep, vented sunglasses! They have a few vents to allow air circulation. Now it so happens that my old pair had a tendency to fog up at times, so vented sunglasses may have less of that problem? Only one way to find out ...

As I was about to order a pair of these vented RayZor sunglasses, I noticed they came in a whole range of different frame and lens colours .... and that got me thinking a bit: why not get two pairs for each of us, making sure Irma and I have matching sunglasses, which also match our outfits when flying as Flying Fish and as L-katz??

So here they are! The gun grey & blue ones for when we practice and fly as Flying Fish, wearing our mostly grey shirts/hoodies and blue caps. And the white & red ones for when we fly as L-katz, wearing our mostly red and white outfits. By the way, I paid way less for them than the £49.95 listed on the RayZor web-site; more like £12.50, through amazon ...

Silly? Yep, guilty as charged!

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