Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Brighton Kite Festival

Absolutely gorgeous weekend: warm and sunny! Winds were very light, 1-5mph on Saturday, 1-8mph on Sunday. Invited flyers were Team Spectrum, James Robertshaw, Karl & Sara Longbottom, and Flying Fish. On top of that, Brighton Kite Flyers flew various demos with Spirit kites, Indian fighter kites, power kites, and inflatables.

Team Spectrum flew their usual 'Carl flying two kites - Bryan and Carl flying as a pair - Carl flying three kites' sequence of routines.

Must admit that they were brave trying to fly with tails in the light winds, and they (almost) always pulled it off!

Very glad Carl flew his 'Chi Mai' routine several times, as that really is my personal favourite. Carl's final routine involved two kites with the tails linked together; that's definitely something we want to try flying as a pair in due course!

We flew our own routine six times over the weekend; five times with our Taipan SULs, and once with our Cosmic ULs.

Of course, when flying the Cosmics, the wind died halfway through ...

Still, we're pretty happy with our general flying; few small mistakes in the first two runs, but nothing the public would have noticed. And we coped well with the light wind, which had a tendency, especially on Sunday, to drop away.

Besides flying our own routines, we crewed for Team Spectrum (and they for us), and helped Karl & Sara Longbottom fly their kites. More general photos can be found here.

Oh, in case you're wondering why I didn't say anything about L-katz, given that we have been practicing a 3-(wo)man version of our team routine especially for Brighton ... Well, the cooling system of Neil's car couldn't cope with the combination of warm sunny weather and the major traffic jams around Chichester (due to the Goodwood Festival of Speed), so he never made it to Brighton ...

Pictures of us: credit Carl Wright.

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