Monday, 27 May 2013

Dress rehearsals!

One week before our first festival appearance (at Basingstoke), so I guess this weekend (Stoney Cross on Saturday, Stokes Bay on Sunday) counted as the 'dress rehearsals'! 

On Saturday, our pair routine went really well, possibly the best routine we've ever flown. It all clicked and worked, so we were pretty happy.

Still riding high on the buzz from Saturday, Sunday was even better! Our pair routine was just spot on. Neil, who used to judge at competitions, thought it was superb, and competition level.

Don't think we could be in a better position at the start of the festival season!

Flying with the team on Sunday, and again we had a really good session.

It's all coming together, in spite of the fact that we lost so many practice days over the last half year or so.

And then Wings on Strings, who took the brave decision to change their routine music this late in the game.

I must admit their new routine music (Abba's "Fernando") suits their routine much better, and they got used to the change in music quite quickly.

Bring on the 2013 festival season, Flying Fish, L-katz, and Wings on Strings are ready!

First four pictures taken by Roger

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