Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Bat, or two

Bought this kite from Charly Whitaker some time ago: a Bat, made by Flight Line Kites. I've been told that only something like 200 of these kites were ever made ...

Kite flies really well, tracks nicely, can fly sharp corners and tight wing tip circles, but above all that, it just looks absolutely awesome in the sky!

Optimal wind range for the kite is something like 5-10mph, so quite a light wind kite. Why do I dedicate a blog post to this Bat? And why the ", or two" in the title? Well, in addition to the kite, I also bought a sail from Charly. Our experiences flying this Bat are very positive, so well worth framing this sail, and have a pair of these kites to fly!

And should we ever write a routine for these Bats, there is only one piece of music that would be appropriate ...


  1. Glad you like my kite. My son and I made these and others from 1992 to 1994.

    1. Nice to meet the actual builder! We've got a pair of them: