Monday 1 April 2013

Target Kite project - part 4

Mission achieved! I've blogged before about my aim to create two modern interpretations of the Garber Target Kite here (part 1)here (part 2)and here (part 3). And I can now say that the project has been completed: Flying Fish proudly presents its pair of Garber Target Kites!

The wind was quite variable at Stoney Cross, anything between 0 and 12mph, so not ideal for flying these kites, as they do need a decent and steady pressure on the sail. But nevertheless, here's the first picture of the two flying together:

And on top of that, a bit of video as well:

We do want to create a routine especially for these kites one day, but our focus is first of all on polishing the pair and team routines for the upcoming kite festival season. So it's something for the future. My intention is to use the theme music of "Where Eagles Dare", as that includes the 'sound of cannons firing'.

I have also found some sound files of Zero and Focke-Wulf airplanes (the planes seen in silhouette on the kites) and I intend do merge them into the music using Audacity.

But first, allow me to feel chuffed to bits about completing a project which started as a very vague idea more than a year ago. It was really great seeing them finally fly together!

Picture and video credit: Roger Backhouse, who witnessed the inaugural launch


  1. Wow, they seem to perform well for something made to be shot down! Well done. All you need is an anti aircraft gun to give them a proper test!

    1. Except these particular kites were NOT made to be shot down (;o)!