Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fun quads: Skydancer Mijet and VampDevil

The focus for Flying Fish and L-katz has always been on flying routines with dual-line kites, and this will definitely remain so in the foreseeable future. But it is nice to have something extra to add to our repertoire, and with that in mind, I've been eyeing our quiver of quad-line kites lately.

Two of these do lend themselves very well to doing something on a festival that will appeal to the public (I hope). The first one is a Skydancer Mijet, made by Con Engels of Windstar Kites in the US. Con took over production of Skydancer kites following the death of David Davies, and the Mijet, a 3/4-size Skydancer, is his own version of this unique kite.

At last year's Southampton Kite Festival, Roger and Tim flew their two full-size Skydancer in an impromptu routine, and I have also flown my Mijet together with Roger's full-size Skydancer at Stoney Cross Plain.


Surely, we can fly all three together to create a routine full of flowing tails?!

Our second 'fun quad' is a VampDevil quad kite, made by Flying Wings. When it was first released to the Asian market a few years ago, I knew I just had to have one! Wasn't easy, given that it's not for sale in the UK (at least not yet, as far as I'm aware), but thanks to Manfred Kluge of EMKAY kites, I managed to get my hands on one. And isn't it a sweety?

Definitely a crowd pleaser, I'd say!

In terms of music, plan for flying the Skydancer routine is to Within Temptation's "Somewhere", as that has just the right speed, and really matches the Skydancers' flowing flight.

For the VampDevil, I've picked "Thriller". Not the original version, but The Love Crave's cover version. Francesca Chiara's voice add just that bit more creepiness, which matches the kite perfectly!

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