Friday, 5 April 2013

Finally team-flying again!

I've complained about it before: this winter has been really awful when it comes to flying together with L-katz. Mostly because of the weather, we've hardly been able to practice our team routine since September last year. And we really need the practice, because of a few new elements we decided to introduce into the routine late last summer.

So it was really nice to be able to get a serious day of practicing under our belt at Stokes Bay last Sunday!

Objective number one was simply to get back into our routine, and make sure everyone knew what he or she was supposed to do in each of the patterns. As you can imagine that created a few "sorry, I thought I had to flank left there ..."

Second objective was to practice two new elements; one about a third into our routine, the other towards the end. We decided to focus purely on the first half (and a bit), refresh our memories and work on the first of the new elements.

Finally, a video of what is roughly the first half of the L-katz (v2.0) routine. Yes, it's sloppy in places, yes, it's rusty, yes, we're making mistakes, but it was just good to be able to work on the routine again after something like a four or five months hiatus ....

Pictures and video credit: Roger Backhouse


  1. Wow! It must feel really amazing to fly like that with others! Pretty darn good for first time back out for the season I'd say!!!

    1. Thanks Marcy! It really gives a buzz to fly in a team, especially when it all 'clicks'!