Monday, 4 March 2013

Indoor again!

A few months ago, I wrote about our first venture into indoor flying. Following that, our return trip to Swindon was cancelled due to snow and ice, and rescheduled for yesterday. As before, everything organised by Karl & Sara Longbottom (thanks, guys!).

We had two specific things we wanted to do. First of all, get our grubby hands on a Flying Wings Laima (Karl sells them for a very decent price!).

Beautiful and graceful glider, which does need quite a bit of space to really perform to its potential indoors (we were lucky, I guess, that there were fewer people than last time).

And the second thing we specifically wanted to do is try out a set of kiddies' fishing rods that Roger had bought, to be used as wands for flying our Pterodactyls. Roger is demonstrating the idea here:

And this worked a treat!! It does take a bit of getting used to, but then you can really make the kites do what you want by controlling the amount of pressure you put on the sail. From fast straight passes to tight circles; as if the Pterodactyls were made for wand-flying! Karl seemed impressed as well, as he bought one of Roger's spare fishing rods. Given that Irma and I have a pair of Pterodactyls, we want to try out wand-flying them in no to low wind outside as well, and maybe add another string to our pair-flying bow?

Thanks, Rog!

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  1. Love that bird kite! You are inspiring me to try more indoor flight!