Friday, 17 August 2012

Fish, flying ...

Come to any kite festival, and you can usually tell immediately where the various display teams have pitched camp. Banners proudly proclaiming their team name are flying high above their tents. We wanted something similar for Flying Fish, but at the same time, do it in a slightly different way ....

Walking around the trader's stalls at the Brighton Kite Festival, we got an idea as to what to do in terms of a 'banner' for Flying Fish: a few fish-shaped windsocks, flying from a pole!

So we got ourselves a pole, ground stakes, a pole sleeve, and of course two fish-shaped windsocks; all from the Go Kites stall. And here then, in full-blown action at Stokes Bay, the 'banner' that will readily identify the Flying Fish tent at upcoming kite festivals. Fittingly, one of the fish windsocks is in the shape of a shark, just like one of our first pair of team kites.

The sleeve over the pole has a few more attachment points, so we will keep our eyes open for one or two additional fish to add to our 'banner'. But not just any fish; only if we really like them!

So if you see these fish fly at a festival, you know we're there; come say hi!


  1. Only if you really like them? Hmmm. When you have to buy another pole to fit all your fish, I might remind you of that!

  2. We'll see, we'll see ... Saw a very nice fishy windsock in the shape of a marlin on eBay, but it was located in the US and seller didn't ship across the pond :(

    But we've got Portsmouth Kite Festival coming up soon (August 25 & 26), so who knows!