Monday, 15 January 2018

Double Flash Angel!

We really like Rare Air kites. We got two pairs of Rare Air Pro Cheetahs, (a pair of Stealths and a pair of Spectrums), and they're great kites for pair-flying, with excellent tracking and generally a joy to fly.

Besides the two pairs of Pro Cheetahs, we also have a Flash Angel, which we got as part of the Berrington Hoard.

Like our other Rare Airs, is has solid tracking and is a real pleasure to fly. I wasn't actively looking for a second Flash Angel, but when one crossed my path ...

So here's our second Flash Angel!

The two Flash Angels are slightly different in their frame design in that the stand-offs of the orange kite are much thicker than those of the purple kite, resulting in a slightly stiffer frame and a slightly heavier kite (by about 40 grams) generally.

Of course, that's no reason not to try and fly them together!

Despite the difference in frame and weight, the Flash Angels match each other almost perfectly in speed, tracking and general handling.

A very nice addition to our pair quiver, for sure.

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