Saturday, 14 February 2015

Double Cyborg!

When I first saw a picture of an Aerialogics Cyborg kite, I knew I just had to have one. Took me quite some time, as, first of all, they're pretty rare; and second, because of the central 'cross', they're expensive to ship.

I certainly never aimed to get a second Cyborg, but when one was offered for sale for a very decent price on the Gone with the Wind forum, I jumped at the opportunity.

So here's our pair of Cyborgs! The green kite is the one I got a few years ago; the red-and-yellow kite the one I just got. Because of the colour pattern, the red-and-yellow Cyborg sort of resembles a shark (ok, it's mostly my imagination, but I do see something 'toothy'!) so that links back to our very first pair of team kites.

In terms of flight characteristics, they're relatively slow flyers, good in tracking and circles, but not so good in sharp changes in flight directions. The frame, not having an upper spreader, flexes too much for that. But that doesn't stop us from enjoying flying them, and I think they look great in the sky together!

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