Sunday, 16 February 2014

A full set of T5 kites - part 3

If you've seen our Facebook page last week, you'll know our full set of Airdynamics T5 kites has arrived! So today, with a mostly 5-12mph wind, the standards got their first airing.

We spent many hours working out our ideal colour combination, and you always have to wait and see whether what seems to look good on paper or a computer screen looks equally good on the actual kites outside. In this case, it didn't: it looked even better on the real kites!

Must say that we're also very pleased with the panels showing the printed Flying Fish logo. As the standard kites are meant to be the ones we expect to use most often, we wanted these to be extra special. Printed panels were made by Roy and Hayley, by the way.

Most importantly, though: how do they fly? We put them through their paces, flying several of the patterns we normally fly, and we were very pleased to see that they fly just as we were used to for our T5 Taipan SUL kites. And that's of course the whole point of getting a full set of team kites from the same manufacturer: not having to get used to a different type of kite when you switch kites due to different winds. So, the bottom line is that they completely matched our very high expectations.

And of course, all T5s now have their own dedicated team bag!

Watch this space for flight reports on the Cuban, V1 and V2!