Sunday, 10 November 2013

FINALLY flying again!!!!

Weekend after weekend saw gale-force winds, or heavy downpours, or both ... Today saw a welcome change from that: it was sunny, it was dry, and the wind was not blowing a hooley!

The last few times we flew with the team, we had made a start introducing a few changes to our routine, following a day of team coaching by Barry Savell. But that felt like ages ago when we launched into our routine again .... Let's just say that the first few runs were worse than before ... it all was pretty rusty, people weren't where they were supposed to be, and got their timing wrong. And let's just leave it at that, ok?

But I'm happy to report that once we got back into our stride again, and decided to focus on the first half of the routine, we made some good progress, and ended the day in better shape than where we left it so many weeks ago. The circles off the diagonals in our second infinity after launching are better now (as long as everyone keeps their spacing ....) and especially the 4-kite wrap / unwrap I introduced after the jump works pretty well, and nicely leads into the thread sequence.

Need to work on this first half a couple more times before tackling the rest again. But it was great finally flying again!

Picture credit: Roger Backhouse

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