Sunday, 17 November 2013

Double Fire Dart!

In a recent blog post, I made a call for a second Fire Dart. Those of you who have been visiting our  Facebook page may know that I managed to get one, for a very fair price, and which only needed an upper spreader. If every kite was so easily made fly able ...

First time we flew the two Fire Darts together, it became clear that, whatever adjustments we made to the bridles, we couldn't get them to match speed wise. Maybe not a surprise, given that our first Fire Dart (the red-and-black one) was about 100 grams heavier than its blue-and-yellow friend. One framed in quite heavy old 7+mm spars, the other in newer 6mm spars. Hm, what solution would there be for getting the two closer weight wise?

So the red-and-black Fire Dart got a 6mm reframe, and that shaved 60 grams of its weight. Still heavier, but not as much as before. The moment of truth finally arrived yesterday (due to the crap weather recently). Would the two match now? We did need to play around a bit more with the bridle settings, but then: success!

We got them basically matched now, and the kites go down really low, flying with 2mph already. Only when the wind goes that low does the existing weight difference between the two show itself. We got a pair of truly low wind Old School kites added to our quiver!

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