Sunday, 23 June 2013

3-(wo)man version of L-katz routine

Flying Fish and L-katz are scheduled to fly at Brighton Kite Festival, but unfortunately, Tony can't make it that weekend, so we have to adapt our 4-(wo)man L-katz routine to a 3-(wo)man one.

Changing the patterns from 4-kite to 3-kite patterns isn't difficult in itself most of the time, but when flying those adapted patterns, people may have to flank left when they're used to flanking right, or may find themselves flying in a position they're not used to. When calling, I try to warn people ahead of time that a pattern comes up where one or more have to do 'something else', but it does take some practice and some 'getting used to'.

So here's our very first practice run with the adapted L-katz routine, and flown with strong (25-30mph) winds. Warts and all!

Yes, we made a few mistakes, but we got out of them quickly again, and for a first time, it wasn't too bad. Especially considering the wind. So we're pretty confident we'll be ok by the time we go to Brighton in a few weeks time.

Video credit: Roger Backhouse

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