Sunday, 20 January 2013

Flying in the snow!

Following the indoor event in Swindon in November, another one was scheduled for today. We had planned to fly our mini Dragonfly kites there in some sort of team formation. Alas, the heavy snow that fell Friday, and had frozen by this morning, caused the event to be cancelled ...

To make sure we still got our kite-fix, we walked over to Southampton Common, bringing a few kites along. We used to fly there quite a lot when we started flying kites, as it's only 10 minutes walk away from home. But there are just too many people (and dogs) walking around to do any serious flying, so we rarely go there nowadays. Light snow was falling, the temperature was just below freezing, and it all looked absolutely beautiful!

Wind was very light, 3-4mph max, and we flew our Sweety (an indoor kite: flew fine) and Switch (an ultralight: struggled in the low wind).

I fully admit: this blog post has nothing whatsoever to do with team-flying. It's purely an excuse to post some pictures of kites flying against a snowy background. And given that Rich Edwards, a friend and colleague of mine, posted his snow pictures from Southampton Common earlier, I couldn't really stay behind, could I?

Normal service will resume shortly.

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