Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The Beach Kite Fest @ Berrow Beach

Our final kite festival of 2018 was one at a new (for us) venue, and one not organised as usual. The venue was Berrow Beach. Weather on both days was fine (more cloudy on Saturday, more sunny on Sunday), and the winds were deliciously smooth, coming off the water: up to 17mph on Saturday (5 Taipan Standards first, V1s later) and 15-22mph on Sunday (Taipan V2s all day).

Unlike other festivals we fly at, there was no formal arena schedule. We basically had the 'team-flying' arena to do with as we saw fit, taking turns putting on displays. Two official pairs were present, as well as members of two other teams. Starting with the pairs, they were:

Twisted Bridle, really enjoying flying Peter Taylor's V1s in that smooth wind to Aerosmith's "Fly Away from Here", the routine they've been using at festivals throughout the year ...

... and Flying Fish ...

... flying our "Chariots of Fire" routine ...

... and our "Ruthless Queen" routine.

As our "Ruthless Queen" routine is basically our technical routine set to music, and given we've been working on a new start to that technical routine, we decided at the last moment to try out that new start in a festival arena setting. And it worked pretty well!

Marcus Twidale also flew his Peter Powell single kite and triple-stack:

And Jeremy Wharton had fun dog-staking:

As mentioned above, several members of Flame (Barry Savell, Fran Burstall) and Airheads (Peter Taylor) were also present, and that resulted in a variety of 3-strong, 4-strong and 5-strong mixed teams flying in the arena, occasionally with tails..

The culmination of those ad hoc teams popping into existence was, of course, to combine everyone (plus one guest flyer, Dom Early) into an 8-strong mega-team.

Flying in the smooth winds at Berrow Beach was true aoxomoxoa at times; winds that you dream of, but rarely ever get!

More pictures of the festival are here. And the inevitable aftermath of flying on a beach with wet salty sand ...

Picture credits: Lisa Daubney (Flying Fish), Valerie Hancorn (3-/5-team containing Flying Fish); video credits: Piyush Patel (Flying Fish), Jeremy Wharton (mega-team)

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