Friday, 8 February 2013

Flying Fish business cards

Vistaprint had a good deal: 500 business cards for £5. In the end, it turned out a bit more than that, because they didn't mention that, if you want to design your own (rather than use one of their existing templates), every picture you upload will cost extra. And the price was quoted without VAT and without shipping. Nevertheless, we took the opportunity to get business cards for Flying Fish, so that we can hand them out at festivals or displays, or during practice sessions, should people be interested in a bit more information about us. Spent half an hour or so playing with photos, our logo, and text/fonts, and this is the end result:

Very pleased with how they turned out! If you want one, come find us at a festival this year. And why not collect them? Try and get a business card from each of the UK kiting pairs and teams (;o)!